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We are dedicated to the importation, promotion and sale of medicines, food supplements and medical devices for Human Health and pharmaceutical products, special diets and food for use in Veterinary Medicine.

We are an agile and dynamic team, composed of highly qualified professionals, with vast experience in Latin American markets, in areas such as Marketing, Government Sales, Senior Management, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Medical Visit (coaching), and distribution of both ethical products and mass consumption.

Thus, we offer you an integral vision of the Pharmaceutical Market and we put it at your disposal.


  • Experts

    We have a team of expert professionals in each of the key areas. We work with a committed commercial team and a qualified technical team to respond to market needs.

  • Innovation

    We design innovative strategies to achieve both, our objectives and the ones we represent.

  • Ethics

    In a social environment where Ethics is more needed, our business values ​​are integrated ethics towards our team and our clients. Ethical values ​​such as commitment, quality, integrity and social responsibility.

  • Excellence

    The quality of the products we offer and the service taken to the maximum, that is excellence. We strive every day to offer the best products and the best service to our customers.

  • Passion

    Our entire team plays each activity with passion. It is a fundamental part of our success.

  • 24/7 Service

    We work to meet our customers’ needs every time they require it. Making an effort to be 365 days a year.


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