Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.


We are dedicated to the importation, promotion and sale of medicines, food supplements and medical devices for Human Health and pharmaceutical products, special diets and food for use in Veterinary Medicine.

We are an agile and dynamic team, composed of highly qualified professionals, with vast experience in Latin American markets, in areas such as Marketing, Government Sales, Senior Management, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Medical Visit (coaching), and distribution of both ethical products as mass consumption.

Thus, we offer you an integral vision of the Pharmaceutical Market and we put it at your disposal.

It possesses two duly enabled warehouses, one for medicines of human health (F&D approval), and the other one for medicines of veterinary (MIDA approval).

We offer to the medical professionals, institutions and pharmacies, specialized products from laboratories of proven high standards, with a strict adherence to the laws, national and international, that apply to this matter.

Our corporate strategy is to work in market niches.

We are specialists in the management of medicines of difficult acquisition, as it is the case of orphan drugs and those products that the pharmaceutical industry does not provide the market with, even though they are necessary, because they are not interested in commercial it in our countries.

We have a pharmacists and lawyers team who are specialists in the managing of these products and the laws that apply in Panama, for their due import, so that our patients can have then continuously available therapies, many of which are treatments for life.


We represent leading laboratories in Latin America and worldwide such as Holliday-Scott, Biogénesis Bagó, Richmond Vet Pharma, Catalysis, IMVI, among others.

We offer differentiated and high quality products, occupying a leading position in the market of pets and farm animals.

As a philosophy of the company, we focus our efforts on working with the veterinarian and his daily work.

Our Institutional Department with more than 14 years of experience in sales to different public and private institutions, facilitates proper execution of the purchases process, avoiding and necessary delays, with allows patients to timely obtain their therapies.


We consider the training of our commercial and administrative staff very important to provide a good service and answers to our customers.

Constantly we conduct internal training to our team to provide the correct information to advise our customers.


  • We are in permanent contact with consumers to listen their needs. Our marketing is personalized. Each client is unique; each patient is unique.
  • We subscribe audits that allow us to project the potentials of each market and analyze the behaviors and new therapeutic trends.
  • We maintain contact with manufacturers of products in countries of high standards and attend the world congresses of products to detect progress in treatment protocols.
  • In alliance with a company specialized in Regulatory, Contreras and Asociados Consultores Internacionales S.A., we manage the sanitary registry of the products that we represent, and, when our suppliers require it, we do the same with their Commercial Brands so that their intellectual property is insured.
  • Our Marketing Department develops the strategies and the Sales team ensures the commercial success for us and our clients.